Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve had the opportunity to answer a lot of questions. Here’s a few of the ones we see a lot. If you have a question or concern that isn’t listed, feel free to email [email protected]

Is there an advantage to becoming a member?

Once you become a USA Discounts member you will continue to be notified of amazing deals via email for brands you currently use now. On average our members save an additional $600+ opposed to those who are just regular users.

Is every offer a true Un-Advertised offer?

No, where USA Discounts mission is to bring our users a true “Unadvertised Deal” we still do offer brands at their advertised rates that fit into our product offerings. However, there is a benefit for our members as our traffic to our site grows so does our ability to better negotiate current and future deals with marquee brands.

What industries does USA Discounts offer discounts in?

Hotels, Rental Cars, Home Services, including Wireless, Cable, Solar, Energy, SmartHome, Vacation Rentals, Insurance, including health, home, business, life, auto, Business Supplies, legal support, marketing, On average USA Discounts has a new offer added weekly.

How do I know when new offers are added?

You will want to be sure to open your emails from USA Discounts. When we add additional offers we will always allow our members to know of them.

What can I expect as a member?

As a USA Discounts member you can expect daily emails, letting you know of our trending offerings or USA Discounts updates. We like to keep our members upto date when we have exciting and fun opportunities that are currently available.

Can I tell others about USA Discounts?

We highly recommend to all of our users to help build the USA Discounts brand. As a member and user of USA Discounts the more Users that continue to help grow our platform the more leverage it gives our company to continue to bring the most sought after brands across at awesome rates!

Are all deals solely Discounted Prices?

No, where we do offer many discounted prices on brands our members love and use everyday, we also have offers that include upgrades for our users such as Hotel, Rental Cars, and a wide range of other Member experiences.

How much does a membership cost?

$0 as a USA Discounts regular member you will never be charged.

Will my membership ever expire?

At this time we do not plan to have an expiration date on memberships as there is not a fee needed to be paid for our regular members.

Once I sign up how quick does my membership start?

You will have the ability to use your membership immediately upon signup.